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Upcoming film "Table" in 2023

Table, initially produced in 1984, is a non-dialogue experimental film about five characters sitting at the round dining table in a fancy restaurant. The film focuses on how they interact with each other without dialogue, but with body language and eye contact.

We are currently raising money on Indiegogo to make our production happen! You can donate, share, and view details below.

We’d appreciate your support very much . . . 

– Redbird Pictures Team

Redbird Pictures offers a full array of services for any video-related needs for individuals, companies, nonprofit organizations, alumni groups, etc. We’re flexible and versatile.

Our Services

Promotional Videos

Feel free to contact us about your project, your needs, ideas, and goals. Personal vlogs are welcome. We’ll begin working out the details when you contact us.

Film production

In addition to nonfiction (documentary) films, we can produce a fictional film or video for your project.

Video Editing Services

If you have original “raw” footage that needs editing, we provide editing services, in accordance with your plans. We’ll turn the footage into a professional-quality video.

Our Clients

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